Lead Management System Weblogix


Our Lead Management System (LMS) is designed to be fit to any industry who deals with bulk leads. Clients can customised their services. The LMS captures leads from various sources and centralise the same and intelligently distribute and executives directly to start working on the leads and eliminate the possibilities of delay in response time. It gives you strategic alerts and reminders to counter any miss out of event. The LMS reports are designed to capture strategic performance matrix of services and executives.

It is in-house developed software by iWeblogix, hence any addition or customization as per clients requirement is possible.

  • Landing of Leads direct to Sales Executive without delay
  • Call Centre and Channel Partners Administrator and Executive login for Leads Submission as well as they can see progress of Leads submitted by them.
  • Centralize leads from all channels
  • Dashboard Loaded with quick handy information
  • Graphical Representation of national / specific data in Bar, Pie & Line graphs
    • Total Leads Statistics
    • State Wise Statistics
    • Product / Services Wise Statistics
    • Month / Year Wise Statistics
    • Product Comparisons Statistics
  • Qualify the Lead
  • "Unresponsive" Leads follow-up system
  • "Not Interested Now" Leads reminder and follow-up system
  • Import leads from Excel
  • Meeting, Task, Call Reminder system
  • Follow-up thread history for each Lead
  • To do list - self reminder system for Executives and Managers
  • Performance Statistics
    • Top Performing Product / Services
    • Top Performing States and Cities (for Administrator only)
    • Top Performing Branches (for Administrator only)
    • Top Performing Executives (for Branches)
    • Least Performing Executives (for Branches)
    • Individual Executive Performance Report (for Branches)
  • Flash message to all / States / Cities Branches (only for Super Administrator)
  • Flash message to internal branch employees (for Branch Manager)
  • Desktop Notification for New Leads / Reminders - useful when minimized LMS window and doing other work on Computer.
  • User friendly and attractive User Interface.